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Henry Warren

The Breakers

Henry Warren

Date of Birth: Unknown

Place of Birth: Probably Switzerland

Died: 2015

Joined RFEC: 1975

RFEC Medallion Number: 42

More About Henry Warren

  • October 20, 2012 - Chef Warren's reply to an email initiated by Chef Timmins.

    "You probably know my old colleague from the hotel and Gastronomy College in Zurich, Switzerland, Herman Rusch the original founder and Kim Dietrich. They deserve the accolades. Then I joined in from the Breakers in Palm Beach.

    "Kim, and I were proteges of Walter Blum (Rockefeller Resort Executive Chef) now retired in Ascona, Switzerland. I met Walter Blum, (whom I new from the College in Zurich), during my tenure at The Arizona Biltmore."

    "Walter worked for The Wrigleys, owners of The Arizona Biltmore at the time, and trained Franz Nicodemus, Chef de Cuisine, a very talented German chef. Walter left for the Rock resorts. Franz became the Executive Chef and I took over Mr. Pritems position, who retired and went back to France, as Food, Beverage & Catering Manager. Franz Nicodemus joined our Committee later."

Henry Warren
Chef Henry Warren
Scan courtesy of Henry Warren

Henry Warren
1990 RFEC Recognition
Scan courtesy of Henry Warren

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1975 - Mauna Kea Hotel