Resort Food Executive Committee

Walter Blum

Rockefeller Resorts - Executive Chef

Walter Blum

Date of Birth: Unknown

Place of Birth: Switzerland (Source: Virgin Islands Daily News - July 28, 1971)

Deceased: Yes - Date Unknown (Source: Mandabach Biography)

Joined RFEC: 1975

RFEC Medallion Number: None

More About Walter Blum

  • 1971 - Served as chef at Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, also a Rockefeller Resort.
    (Source: Virgin Islands Daily News - July 28, 1971)
  • Served as Executive Chef at the Arizona Biltmore.
    (Source: RFEC Member Henry Warren)
  • 1976 - "I then went to work for Rockresorts at the Grand Teton Lodge Company in Moran, Wyoming working under Chefs Wolfgang Kofler, the late Alfred Fahndrich, the late Bob Walton, and corporate chef the late Walter Blum."
    (Source: Mandabach Biography)

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1975 - Mauna Kea Hotel