Resort Food Executive Committee

Peter Timmins, C.M.C.


Chef Peter Timmins prepared meals for U.S. presidents, politicians, actors and rock stars. Peter exemplified the tradition of food and beverage excellence incorporating his world-class experience and culinary expertise into menu options which focused on New American Cuisine.

Prior to his arrival to The Everglades Sportsman's Club in 2013, Chef Timmins was the executive chef of The Gasparilla Inn and Club, 2009-2012, and at The Greenbrier in West Virginia.

In 2002 he was awarded the distinction of Certified Master Chef, the highest and most demanding level of achievement of all American Culinary Federation certifications, and he was one of only 60 chefs in the world that earned this coveted title.

Born in Ireland Chef Timmins began his impressive culinary career at the age of 16 at one of Ireland's premier hotels. Having studied culinary arts at St. Mary's College, a college renowned throughout Europe, Chef Timmins competed several times in the international Culinary Olympics and in 2005 was awarded the American Culinary Federation President's Medallion for his superb talents.

Chef Timmins also received a fellowship from the Epicurean World Master Chefs Society and a Doctorate from Johnson & Wales University for his successes and contribution to the Culinary Arts.

Peter Timmins

RFEC Chefs Remember

Hans Schadler

Hans J. Schadler

To the Timmins Family, Friends, and RFEC colleagues,

Chef Timmins was one of the most talented chefs I have had the privilege of knowing through my decade association with the Resort Food Executives Committee (RFEC). He was a consummated supporter of the committee always the avid discussion leader, inspiring new and challenging projects.

Chef Timmins achieved the extraordinary level of Master Chef which honors not only his remarkable talent and personal achievement but also recognizes his exceptional leadership in the culinary arts. He was dedicated to teaching and guiding young chefs. The inspiration he provided to the next generation of culinarians will serve as a fitting tribute and legacy for him in the years to come.

Peter was witty, funny, spoke with candor, always raising the bar. He will be greatly missed. Wishing peace to all the Timmins family as you hold your memories dear and to Peter:

Until we meet again.

May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Hans Schadler, C.E.C., A.A.C.
Waypoint Seafood & Grill
Williamsburg, Virginia

Brent Wertz

Brent E. Wertz

Strong culinary leadership is hard to find and harder to keep mostly because leaders in this day are praised for their forward thinking and ability to evolve a company or cause but true leadership values its beginning, learns from its experience, and never forgets its past while mentoring its future.

Chef Timmin's was committed to the foundation of the art of cooking and used pure technique to develop the cook, the food, and the overall result. He was driven, intense, and an over achiever on every level resulting in his ability to shape, evolve, and ultimately lead our industry to new heights.

Brent Wertz, C.E.C., A.A.C.
Past RFEC President

Peter Pahk

Peter Pahk

Peter was always giving me shit about misspelling his name. I can hear his brogue. "It's with an I mate"!! (little stronger word than mate).

Such a lover of life; I'll miss our chats, teasing, and sharing. Though it's been a few years since I've seen Peter, moments and memories abound from the venerable RFEC.

The Silverado macho bike race with Lawrence that ended with an emergency trip for Lawrence to Napa Emergency.

Rest in peace, Peter. My condolences to the family. God bless us all!

Chef Peter Pahk
Past RFEC President

Charles Carroll

Charles Carroll

I always respected Peter as a great culinarian and wonderful human being.

Knowing Peter for over 20 years he never said no, when you ask him for help or a favor. I was very proud and happy, when he asked me for a letter of recommendation to take the CMC test and very excited, when he passed the test and joined the CMC ranks.

Running the kitchens at the Greenbrier successfully for many years showed how talented he was and how much energy he had.

I had the pleasure to spend the last weekend before his tragic death together with him at a Sous Vide Seminar, sponsored by Eletrolux in Charlotte, NC. Talking to him, he was very upbeat, looking forward to the upcoming season at the Club, having a newly designed (by him) kitchen, a complete crew and everything in place what is needed for doing a great job. When I received the sad news last Monday night, I realized, I lost a great friend. I will miss him, his culinary talent and his humor.

Charles Carroll, C.E.C., A.A.C.
Executive Chef
River Oaks Country Club

Joseph Durante

Joseph Durante

I'm still struggling to comprehend our loss. Peter was an excellent friend and colleague. Always up for a laugh or serious conversation. His hospitality to me and my family at our annual trip to the Greenbrier have provided us with incredible memories. As well as great times at the annual RFEC conference.

My thoughts and prayers go to Peter's Family. Your father was an inspiration to so many. Thank you for sharing him with us.

Peter, may God hold you and keep you close. It has been an Honor to call you a friend and colleague. You will be sorely missed.

Joseph A. Durante III
Executive Chef & General Manager
Southerly Restaurant & Patio

Joseph Durante

Wilhelm Pirngruber

Aloha from Hawaii.

My deepest condolences go out to Isolde and Family. May Peter rest in peace, and may he find a stove to cook on in the eternal after life so he can continue his passion.

Wilhelm Pirngruber
Executive Chef
RFEC Honorary Member

Peter Pahk

Peter Pahk

An Irish Eulogy From Chef Peter Pahk

Little angel on my shoulder
Weigh me down just like a boulder
Keep me safe from all I am
And all the world will know my friend

Now little devil on the side
Preach to me enjoy the ride
Fill my dreams with mortal pride
But your level I will not slide

Argue hard for my very soul
Decide for me my life long goals
But when I die it will be told
I took the dice and played my roll

How I die I do Not Fear
When I go I want no tears
Gather my family and bring them near
And one last thing, serve Irish beer.

Chef Peter Pahk
Past RFEC President

That The Future May Learn From The Past