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Chef Peter Wynia Retires

March 31, 2017

Chefs Hans Schadler & Peter Wynia
Chefs Hans Schadler & Peter Wynia

Peter Wynia, the Woodstock Inn's culinary legend, retires after 50 glorious Years!

Our longtime RFEC Member Chef Peter Wynia exchanged his Toque for a set of golf clubs and is rewarded with a lifetime membership to the Woodstock Golf and Country Club.

Peter's career started with the Rock Resort Company, founded by Lawrence Rockefeller in 1967, at Little Dix Bay in the British Virgin Islands. He plied his skills working as a breakfast cook, manning the front desk, and as the beach, boat, and snorkel supervisor.

Peter joined the Woodstock Inn Culinary team in 1969 and applied his culinary skills at that property to the day of his retirement on March 31 2017.

Peter met his future wife, Ann, at the Woodstock Inn. They got married in 1973. The Wynia family today includes 4 children and 11 grandchildren.

To the day of his retirement, Peter was the face of the Woodstock Inn. In 1969 he witnessed the ribbon cutting for the new Woodstock Inn, standing next to Lawrence and Mary Rockefeller, and again was part of the ribbon cutting for the newly renovated Woodstock Inn in 2016.

Peter teamed up with Hans Schadler in 1974. Both set the culinary standard for the Woodstock Inn for years ahead.

Together they founded the Vermont Chefs Association, expanded the Rock Resort Apprenticeship Program to one of the best in the country, and implemented current food programs that made the Woodstock Inn a culinary destination.

After Chef Schadler left for the Williamsburg Inn Chef Wynia became Executive Chef of the Woodstock Inn.

It was at that time his association with the RFEC started. Peter hosted the first and only RFEC Conference at the Woodstock Inn in 1984. He holds the RFEC Herman Rusch Medallion #16. To this day Peter is a very active and a loyal member of the RFEC.

Peter has always been one of the most consummated and passionate Chefs. His Legacy will be his compassion, dedication, and love for his family, the Woodstock Inn, and the RFEC.

The RFEC presented Peter with a Plaque of Dedication that contained quotes from many RFEC members. He was also presented with a large crystal diamond paper weight engraved with the RFEC Logo.

We all wish you Godspeed in your golden years and wish you much quality time with your family. Try to improve your golf game... and keep joining us at our annual RFEC Conferences.

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